About Us

When our founder Heather Felix first conceived the idea of Just Portraits, she knew a company needed to have soul to make a difference in the world.  Our foundational 3 pillars -

Connection, Respect, and Reliability, 

Prices starting at $594 (GST inclusive)

"Be the change you want to see"



"I had Heather photograph my Chinese Tea Ceremony super last minute! I had some changes to the ceremony and needed to find a last minute photographer. Low and behold, I'm lucky I found Heather! I think what stood out from Heather (other than her lovely photos and capturing the essence of laughter and joy of the day) was her professional interaction and cultural sensitivity. She would ensure that family dynamics were considered, cultural values and traditions respected and that the joy and authentic spirit of the day was captured...I felt safe that one of my most special days would be photographed well. She made us feel comfortable on camera, and no matter what we were doing she had somehow swooped in and out to get the right shot. Thanks Heather! I would recommend her photography for any wedding, event or cultural event." Naomi K