Package Extra's

1. Styling Workshop

This complimentary activation can happen the week before or in conjunction with the activity day(s).  We get our styling gurus out to, show some great techniques, provide a presentation and answer any questions your residents may want to ask.


This is a unique way to round out the experience and show your residents how much you care. Loads of fun, informative and something they can share with others over dinner! Give your residents something to talk about! Maximum of 10 residents per session to ensure everyone gets attention.  1 hour sessions available for $98.


Multiple sessions recommended to get plenty of residents attending. 

3. Fundraising Partnership

Add an agreed amount to each resident packages which will be donated to the site initiative.  Just Portraits will donate an additional $1 per participating resident towards the chosen initiative to show our support for your community!

2. Resident Photo Directory

This activity is great for the whole site.  For $21 per resident- each resident will receive a portrait session, 3 digital images, one set of prints, and the site will receive a photo directory of all residents.  This can be a stand alone option or paired with other services. Affordable and a fantastic way to get the whole site involved!

4. Special Event/Marketing Photography

We are also a full service commercial photography company and just LOVE covering private milestone birthdays/anniversaries, Christmas parties, new building launches, creating digital content for Instagram etc and creating marketing material. Check out or @heatherfelixphotography for portfolio and more details.