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You are a STAR, so why sell your soul?!

Your Brand is something you love, something you have developed, and the one thing that gets those new customers through the door! If your brand is an extension of your business vision and ethos- why would you settle for stock images?

I know... I know... getting those website and instagram images is one of those tasks at the bottom of your to-do list, maybe last time it was not fun, it was sooo expensive, you think you aren't photogenic...etc...


When thinking about the images that portray your brand to the world, do they let your personal vision shine? Do they really represent what you want to show to the world? Possibly.

Have you ever stopped to think about it? Why should any new customer choose you? Have you ever done a personal branding exercise?

When I was planning to cut the golden thread tying me to over 20 years of corporate life and pursue my artistic passion.... I realised I could use my power for good instead of evil! (ha ha ha! Yes!!- hand on hips with cape waving in the background) With an irrepressible drive to help the 'Aussie Battler' - I don't just make images- WE create images that put the spotlight on YOU and YOUR BRAND!

Contact me to book an image design session complete with a FREE Personal Branding exercise! Together- we are so much more than Corporate Photography. I can't wait to meet you to do a bit of personal reflection, have a bit of fun and to create a partnership that drives customers to your door!

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